StarLink User Rules

In order for StarLink to be the safe and pleasant chat net we all want it to be, there are a few rules we hope users will observe.

1. Please be courteous to your fellow users at all times. Harassment, flooding and stalking are not permitted on Starlink. If someone is being annoying, please use the /ignore nick command.

2. Spamming and advertising is not permitted. Users may not use StarLink to promote individual channels or any other advertising. It is OK to tell these people to stop.

3. Opening or joining a sex channel is prohibited. Pornographic and explicit activities are not permitted. These channels will be closed down by StarLink personnel. Any reference to sexual body parts, profanity, intercourse, vulgarity, pornography, in any context is prohibited on StarLink. StarLink and its IRC Operators reserve the right to monitor and remove any offensive channel names, topics or nicks.

4. Opening or joining a warez channel is prohibited. StarLink personnel will close down channels, which promote the exchange of copyrighted material.

5. Running more than three clients (clones) from the same hostmask is not permitted.

6. Well-behaved bots are welcome on some StarLink servers as long as they serve their purpose in their individual channels and do not impact other channels or the StarLink system. Please refer to the each server’s motd for exact rules on bots.

7. Please, no clonebots or flood scripts.

8. The use of warscripts or the takeover of channels is not permitted.

9. Only one (1) channel may be registered per user. ** Application for a channel may be made through the StarLink website or by visiting #channels and requesting a form that can be emailed in..

10. The official help channel is #Channels, and is available for assistance, however it is not considered to be a ‘chat’ channel and we request chat be kept to a minimum. Please remember that IRC opers and CService Staff may be busy.

When on StarLink, just use your common sense and consideration of others. Abuse of these rules may result in being banned from a channel, k-lined or g-lined from the net.