Q:How do I op someone using Mars?

A: /msg Mars op <#channel><nick>
example: /msg Mars op #oasis Kindred

Q:How do I ban someone using Mars?

A: /msg Mars ban <#channel>
example: /msg Mars ban #chatzone Farker

Q:How do I auth with Mars?

A: /msg Mars auth <#channel>
example: /msg Mars auth #chatzone alpab34
Note: You must auth for every channel you have ops in.

Q:How do I add a user to Mars in my channel?

A: /msg Mars add <#channel> <nick or user@hostmask> <level> <password> <auto-op>
examples: /msg Mars add #coolchat Kassi 100 kewlpass1
/msg Mars add #coolchat kassi@* 100 kewlpass1

Q:How do I change my password for a channel I am in?

A: /msg mars passwd <#channel> <yournewpassword>
example: /msg Mars passwd #coolchat coolb3ans
Note: You must first auth with your old pass to change to a new pass.

Q:How do I change somebody's access level in my channel?

A: /msg Mars modinfo <#channel> level <nick or user@hostmask> <newlevel>
example: /msg Mars modinfo #coolchat level Millay 200

Q:My friend changed ISP's and I need to change his addy in Mars. How do I do it?

A: /msg Mars modinfo <#channel> host <old user@hostmask> <new user@hostmask>
example: /msg Mars modinfo #coolchat host millay@* millay@*

Q:How do I get a list of all the ops added into Mars for my channel?

A: /msg Mars access <#channel>
example: /msg Mars access #coolchat

Q:How do I check the level of just my friend in my channel?

A: /msg mars access <#channel> <nick>
example: /msg Mars access #coolchat kindred

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