IRCop Rules

  • Keep server connected and communicate with your administrator. Do not re route unless directed by your admin or a routing admin.
  • Limit /omode commands to instances where users in a channel are unable (i.e. without ops) to perform this themselves. Usually opping a user is all that is needed.
  • Do not op yourself in a channel with the /omode command. The only time this is acceptable is in a channel take over situation.
  • Only set mode +k when going into a channel take-over. Always wallops to the other Opers that you are setting +k.
  • Do not get involved with channel politics. If users are unfamiliar with basic IRC commands necessary to run a channel, teach them, do not gain ops and do it for them. If users are unfamiliar with Mars commands, refer them to #Channels.
    The /kill command is to be used only in extreme circumstances. A user may be killed if they are threatening the security of the net or are abusing a vast amount of users where /ignore and /silence will not suffice.
    • The following are examples of killable offences:
      1. Network hacking/attacks
      2. Repeated hack attempts at oper passwords
      3. Clonebots & FLoodbots
      4. The use of Warscripts for channel takeovers
      5. Non-compliance with the warez-sex rule
      6. Repeated ban evasion where it impairs a channel
  • Server admins may kill/deny access to their server for any reason so long as it is in keeping with the community atmosphere of StarLink and not done in an abusive fashion.
  • The Gline command is to be user only after an abusive user has been warned and returns after a kill to continue repeating the offense. Set G:lines for 1 or 2 hours. And do not G:Line more than one IP address in a single G:line unless the user evades more than once. Make sure the reasons are legitimate. Only for the most flagrant users may G:lines of longer than 2 hrs be set. It is advisable to have a log of abuse and notify fellow opers/admins that such a G:line is being implemented.
  • Adding a Kline is to be added only for the most harmful and repeated offenders. Do not add a Kline without the server admin’s permission unless it is an extreme emergency and the admin is not present. Follow your server’s K:line policy.
  • It is advisable to make notes about a Kline and obtain as much info as possible about the user and report this to your admin.
  • Limit the use of wallops for net-related business. 😉
  • Remember that you are viewed by users as a representative of StarLink. This means that you are held to a higher standard of conduct than just the ordinary individual.